Articles of Interest

Hypnosis Articles of Interest

“I Resemble That Remark”
2003 California Law
21st Century Medicine and Hypnosis
A Christian Perspective on Hypnosis
A Dream Come True: Benefits of Hypnosis from a client perspective
A few wise words from Christine Northrup, MD
A Letter to Dr. Anne – Encouraging Words for All of Us
A Nurses Perception of Hypnosis
A Senior’s Perception of Hypnosis
A Tribute to Dr. John Kappas (1925-2002)
A Tribute to Viktor Frankl
Accidental Hypnosis
Addiction vs. Habit
Advertising Pays if…
Alfred Adler – Family Constellation & Fictional
Alfred Adler’s Four Basic Lifestyles
Alfred Adler’s understanding of Inferiority
Alternative Remedies Doctors Trust
Analytical Hypnotherapy
Application of Hypnosis in Relation to Morning Sickness
Are You A Caregiver Or A Caretaker?
Autogenic Training (the child of Hypnotherapy)
Automatic Writing
Badge of Courage (or Cowardice)
Bernie Speaks – 1
Bernie Speaks – II
Blepharoplasty Under Hypnosis: A Personal Experience
Brain Boosters
Brief Therapy and Behavioral Change
Building Bridges…
Building Your Confidence…
Can You Hear Me Now?
Cancer and the Possibility to Turn It – Part I
Cancer Diagnosis Could Be a Wake-Up Call – Time to Reflect on Choices
Cancer Script
Cancer Theories on Why
Cell Consciousness – Proves Mind Over Matter
Changing Pains
Combating Mitral Valve Prolapse & Syndrome
Confident Performance in Life
Creating Our Own Reality, Realizing Our Own Expectations
Creating Prosperity and Abundance ©
Curing Disease and Healing Illness
Deep Breathing and the Recovery Process
Dialoguing With God Hypnosis
Does Hypnosis By-pass the critical faculty?
Dreams, Hypnosis and Healing
Emotional Clearing
Epstein Barr and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
Expectation & Stress Management
False Memory Syndrome Explained
Fibromyalgia Research
Florida Hypnosis Law
For those who Doubt the Value of Hypnosis
Forensic Hypnosis
Fraud Protection Advice
Freedom Offered to Everyone
Getting Outside of the Medical Box:Rethinking Fibromyalgia
Growing Confidence
Ha Ha Hypnosis
Hand to Face for Therapy and Therapy Between Sessions
Healing and the Mind
Healing Attitude
Healing Thought From The Strangest Places
Healing Touch
Healing, Inner Wisdom and Hypnosis
Help for Postpartum Depression
Helpful Hypnosis Can’t Work Magic
Historical Overview of Hypnotherapy
History of Hypnosis
How Hypnosis can Colour the Mind
How the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association © Came into Being
How to Create and Internalize Positivity Through Hypnosis
How to Mend a Broken Heart
How to Stay Stressed
Humor in Healing
Humor Therapy
Hypno Surgery
Hypnoanalysis, Parts Therapy and More . . .
Hypnosis & Brain Activity
Hypnosis and Acupuncture – No General Anesthesia – for Major Knee Surgery
Hypnosis and its Many  Uses (c)
Hypnosis and Me – A True Story
Hypnosis and Religious Faith
Hypnosis and the Gag Reflex
Hypnosis and the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
Hypnosis for the Relief of Pain and Anxiety
Hypnosis Holistic Healing Aid
Hypnosis in an Ellnerian Perspective:
Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine Review
Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine Review
Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine Review
Hypnosis Is The Key To Your Mind And Your Health
Hypnosis is the Yellow Brick Road
Hypnosis really changes your mind
Hypnosis to Stop Smoking and More…
Hypnosis Unites –  Body, Spirit and Mind
Hypnosis Works
Hypnosis Works! Harness the Power of Hypnosis and Reah Your Goals.
Hypnosis, a Gift From God
Hypnosis, Quantum Focus & IBS
Hypnosis, Relaxation, Imagery, Prayer, and Faith in Healing
Hypnosis. What it is not. What it is. How it works. How it is used.
Hypnosis: an Adoption Search Tool
Hypnosis: Living on a New Wave
Hypnosis: My Perception
Hypnosis: The Easy Stress Management Method
Hypnosis: The Hidden Piece of the Puzzle
Hypnosis: Yesterday, Today and Tommorrow
Hypnotherapist as Master Gardener
Hypnotherapy and Its Many Uses
Hypnotherapy and Shamanism
Hypnotherapy Good for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Hypnotherapy Research
Hypnotherapy: De-bugging the Brain
I Am More
IMDHA Conference 2000.  Wow! The Best Ever!
Inductions for Analytical Clients
Interview with the First IMDHA Hospital Director of Hypnotherapy
Introduction to Alfred Adler
Irritable Bowl Syndrome
Keeping Blood Sugar Normal
Know Thyself
Listening Carefully to the Client
Lost in the Moment
Making Winning Decisions
Male Body Image Disorders
Marketing Made Easy
Martial Arts, Hypnosis, and Rapid Learning A Perfect Match
Medicine Treats the Cancer – Guided Imagery/Hypnosis Treats the Patient
Meditation vs. Hypnosis
Mental Control of Immune Function
Mentoring Minds – Tips for Marketing
Metaphysics & Hypnosis
Mind Over Pain
Mind Power
Mind Power is Energy Dedicated to Balance: Body, Mind and Spirit
Mind-Body Technique Eases Kids’ Gut Pain
My Experience with hypnosis Healing Burns & Seizures
My Perceptions of Hypnosis : From Hippie to Hypnotherapist ©
My Personal Reflections Through Hypnosis
N.L.P. For Successful Surgery and Speedy Recovery
Neurological Processes and Memory
News from Down Under
Pain and Suffering
Pain Management and Enhanced Healing Using Hypnosis
Pain Relief and Management for Chronic Conditions
Parts Therapy
Past-Life Therapy
Personal Past-Life Experience of Irene Hickman, DO
Positive Thinking In the Schools
Power of Nothing
Preop Suggestion, Postop Discharge
Preparing the Close Encounter Experiencer
Prescriptions for Living: Inspirational Lessons for a Joyful, Loving Life
Principles for Personal Growth
Progress in Role Of Vitamin E
Psychoneuroimmunology – Can We Control Our Immune Systems?
Rational Suggestion Therapy
Reducing Headaches Using Hypnosis
Regression Hypnosis and the Abductee Phenomenon
Regression Therapy: A Handbook for Professionals – Two Volumes
Regulation of Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy ~ General Thoughts
Reincarnation . . . What hogwash!
Reincarnation and Western Religion: Part I
Reincarnation and Western Religion: Part II
Remedy for a Hot Foot
Remembering and Forgetting
Research – Evidence-Based Outcomes
Research – Stress / Tension Release
Research In IBS Using Hypnotherapy
Royalty-Free Music
Rules for Being Human
Secrets of Success with Bedwetting
Shamanic Journeys
Skyrocket Personal Success
Skyrocket Personal Success
Social Hypnosis in Action: The Mbeki Challenge
Some Hazards of Hypnosis
Sounds for Healing
Spiritual Healing
Spirituality in the Workplace
SportsLink at the Sydney 2000 Olympics
Starting a Practice on a Shoestring
Strategies, How You Decide What You Do
Stress May Interfere with Desire To Be A Team Player
Stress Saver Plus
Stress Tip 69: Antioxidants in a cup!!
Tale of a Wounded Warrior: One Man’s Battle Against Depression
Technology is Smaller Than You Think
Ten Tips for Overcoming Sleep Problems
Thank You, Hypnosis
The Ace Factor and Cancer
The Biochemistry of What You Feel
The Changing Seasons & IMDHA
The Chocolate Factor
The Eagle Has Landed
The Effects of Spirit Possession
The Gardening Continues . . .
The Healing Power of Hypnosis
The Key – Hypnosis
The Language of Encouragement
The Magic of the Mind
The Mirror Image
The Most Novel, Safe And Rapid Technique to Hypnotize Children
The Role of the Hypnotherapist in the Modern World
The Secret
The Tail (oops!) Tale Behind Whoop’s Story New Age
The Tree
The Twelve Signs of Inner Peace
The Use of Dissociation as an Adjunct to Hypnoanesthesia for Pain Management
The Use of Hypnotherapy in Plastic Surgery
The Use of the P-Tape in Medical Hypnoanalysis
The Value of not knowing . . . (Let your unconscious be your guide)
Therapeutic Touch Healing Hospice Clients and Their Families
They Heard Jesus Teach
Thoughts from Depak Chopra
Thoughts Rule the World
Tinnitus and Chronic Illness
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
Turn Fear into Power
Two Choices
Understanding ADD and ADHD Behavior
Using Your Mind to Control Pain
Viktor Frankl’s “Will to Meaning”
Walk In Balance
Water ~ The 2nd Best Medicine!
Weight Management
What Does It Mean Holistic?
What’s in a Word
When to Use Religious Imagery
When Water Runs Deep
Why We Need Light and Sound Technology
Working With a Cancer Patient
You Are a Hypnotherapist
Z’s Story
Zen, Hypnosis and Golf